In the RealAir Duke’s virtual cockpit, you will find an environment in which the views are crisp, clear, beautifully curved and moulded, and there are controls which are smoothly animated and a pleasure to use. All the gauges, gauge needles and so on are truly three dimensional. That is to say that if you zoom in and angle or pan your view, every aspect of the gauges maintain a realistic degree of depth.

The panel layout reflects a typical Beechcraft Duke IFR panel as you would see it today. Most currently operating Dukes have had their original gauges and radios replaced with more modern equivalents at least once. This is also the case with our simulated version of the Duke.

Many of the original flight/nav gauges have been replaced with more modern Bendix/King gauges while the antiquated radios in the original Duke have been replaced with digital Bendix/King units. A Garmin GPS 500 is also present on the panel. The panel in our Duke reflects a fairly typical panel upgrade as would be seen in a Duke that is operating today. You will find it an absolute pleasure to fly during all IFR procedures.

Most Dukes are privately owned—it is very rare to see a rental Duke so the condition of the panel and cockpit in our version simulates a well looked after privately owned aircraft. The condition of the panel, cockpit and exterior is high with only minor wear.

Every switch, gauge, dial etc can be operated via the virtual cockpit. The primary flight instruments are mirrored from the pilot’s seat (left) to the co-pilot’s seat (right), but the panel is designed around the pilot’s seat especially for IFR flight.