The gauges in the Duke are exact 3D replicas of real-world Beechcraft and Bendix King gauges right down to the fonts used on the gauge faces. All components are modeled in highly detailed 3D right down to the smallest of components such as the heading bug on the HSI. As with all of RealAir's FSX aircraft these gauges feature silky-smooth animation.

All gauges feature subtle back-lighting that is not limited to dawn, dusk or night time. The back-lighting works at all times, day or night. This means the gauges can remain bright and easily read in the daytime while flying towards the sun, when the panel and gauges are in shadow.

Like the gauges the radios are also exact 3D replicas of their real-world counterparts. For the first time in a RealAir product they include ambient back-lighting on the buttons and knobs.

For those who own the Reality XP GNS 530/430 gauges, we're working on an update to make these compatible with the Duke's 3D panel. Until then it is possible to install the RXP GPS gauges as 2D pop-up windows via the Reality XP FSX Config tool. When installed in this way the RXP GPS's work seamlessly with the Duke's panel.