Below are some examples of the feedback we have been getting since the RealAir Duke was released. We are particularly pleased to have received many positive comments from not only qualified pilots, but also from pilots with experience on the Beechcraft Duke itself. All forum comments are traceable and available to view at their respective forum websites. The e-mail comments are retained in our database and the full names have been shortened to initials out of respect for the privacy of our customers. On request proof of receipt of these testimonials can be supplied.

'I feel compelled to express my appreciation for your Duke. I am a retired commercial pilot that has been flying the computer for almost two decades. Your Duke has nailed it in my opinion. I don't know how to explain it, but the RealAir Duke just feels correct and sounds correct. It is fun to fly like a light twin should be. And I have talked to some of my peers who also bring thousands of hours of real world flight experience to the table and they agree the Duke is the best yet.'
Bill - Avsim FSX Forum

'Excellent! Simply excellent!'
Ken B. Jackson - Avsim FSX Forum

'.....I must say the duke is BY FAR the best flying experience I have had in FSX so far. It's simply fantastic! Wish I had more time to fly now, but is Monday again....'
abulaafia - Avsim FSX Forum

'Terrific plane guys! The sound is incredible and the frame rates outstanding, particularly considering that it is a twin. And slips and spins! You guys are off the scale!'
Noel - Avsim FSX Forum

'Well, since we're all doing it.... I agree with everyone else who's saying that this package is absolutely fantastic. This was my first RealAir bird, but I'm sure it won't be my last. Thanks, guys.'
NewChucky - Avsim FSX Forum

'...This plane has all the great handling and "feeling" of a Beech - e.g. a joy to fly. I don't know how you guys do it - but a non moving desktop feels so real...what a wonderful instrument platform. The instruments are buttery smooth - I used a vc view of full panel tonight (no outside window view) and flew instrument approaches-instruments were smooth like they should be and finally I have something close to what I fly that handles both in fm and instrument response like it should. This makes the Duke extremely useful for me. There are few FS titles that fly with this kind of instrument response so necessary for hand flown approaches. So a heart felt thanks to you guys for making something that will save me lots of $$$ now that I can train with something extremely close to reality for a fraction of the cost!'
Geofa - Avsim FSX Forum

'The Duke flying characteristics follow my experience with Beech aircraft.........exactly. I find it hard to believe that RealAir was able to capture this feeling; but they did. This airplane is a true joy to handlfy. Although sitting in a chair in my den, they have allowed me to recapture the feeling of a well balanced aircraft. Outstanding.....'
Kingfish_42 - Avsim FSX Forum

'After only a few days with the Duke from RealAir, I'm finding it to be one of the most enjoyable airplanes I have ever flown....Thanks RealAir....for producing yet another phenomenal product. It is sure to be an award winner.'
Stan - Avsim FSX Forum

'The Duke is a real joy to fly.....I now have all of their FSX planes and they do three things that really stand out for me. 1. The gauges are silky smooth. I don't think anyone has them beat on this. On the 37" screen that I use it is evident and appreciated. 2. The plane feels rigged properly. By that I mean it turns with the coordination/uncoordination I would expect from the real thing. All control axis feel real. 3. Side slips and stalls. Of all of the planes I have purchased no one, not even X-Plane with it's "realistic" flight modeling does it better. Cross controlling in a crosswind with their planes is as good as a desktop plane is going to get for the foreseeable future IMHO. All of the above three combined with great graphics, audio, and service make for a helluva product. If you can't tell I like RealAir.'
formula100 - Avsim FSX Forum

'Let me add my thanks to this thread. I would have been flying the Duke non-stop, were it not for a lot of thermal activity here in Arizona which has me outside flying my RC sailplane the past few days. Visually the Duke is beautiful, and in the air it is wonderful to fly.'
John - Avsim FSX Forum

'This is the best job of replicating engine out performance I've seen in flight sim. Pulling the levers with right mouse button drag is so intuitive and seems really natural......Great Job RealAir.'
pbearsailor - SimOuthouse FSX Forum

'I had very high expectations and wasn't disappointed. I've purchased every RealAir product going back to the Fly! days and they just keep getting better and better...............Congrats to Rob & Sean on another winner.'
Mike 678 - SimOuthouse FSX Forum

'Added another aircraft to the fleet, and I can see that this will be a regular flyer in the collection. Not heavy on frame rates, but with some SUPERB effects and realism. Even has stereo sound and the most realistic panel that I have ever seen. Apparently it has taken 2 years to develop it, and the time spent on it shows.'
Happytraveller - New Zealand Flightsim Forum

'Realair have again released a comprehensive simulation of a twin prop aircraft. The overall quality of the aircraft is outstanding and the performance is fluid. Highly recommended for those who like twins and general aviation...'
GJ - Simmarket Customer

'Just bought the 'The Duke' What a wonderful creation. I'm just over the moon with with this aircraft. Many, many thanks.'
JB - via e-mail

'EXCELLENT job with the Beechcraft Duke! I've been test flying it for two days now, and can tell you - as a real-world charter pilot with over 4000 hours - you've done a marvelous job recreating the Duke! I can't tell you how pleased I am to "fly" an airplane in FSX with such realism! Wow!'
E.F - via e-mail

'Congratulations! It almost flies like my own. Great job!'
E.B (Duke owner and operator) via e-mail

'Oh my god this thing is beautiful! Congrats. I've been waiting for a long time. I'm about to get my Instrument Rating and this is the perfect plane for MEL and complex practice. The sound is just killer!'
M.P via e-mail

'Just a quick email to say thank you for your fantastic Beechcraft Duke add on, that I purchased today. I took it out for a spin and WOW!!! I am a real world pilot and to keep in practice I will only use the Duke. Just quickly, I am a stickler for quality, if it does not act in the same way as their real world counterparts I am not interested, the Duke does more than that.'
K.B (Commercial Pilot) - via e-mail

'I see lots of awards coming for you for this Duke!!!'
I.V via e-mail

'Iím sure I donít have to tell you that the Duke is one of the best aircraft ever designed for FSX..... As a real-world pilot, I especially appreciate the exceptional flight dynamics. It doesnít hurt that it is also beautiful to look at.'
G.D via e-mail

'Thank you so much for creating such a superb product!The Duke has been one of my favourite aircraft for many years, and your rendition of it is incredible. Once again you guys have set the standard for others to try and follow, every aspect of the aircraft has been created incredibly well, and I know I will get many, many hours of enjoyment flying this wonderful plane.'
M.C via e-mail

'I only want to say thank you for the unbelievable Duke. Bought it yesterday and I don`t find words to describe the feelings when flying or going around this wonderful aircraft. I also have the Spitfire, but the Duke beats it. The best Addon I`ve ever bought!!!'
M.T via e-mail

'Iíve been flying the new Duke for a couple of days now and have to extend my compliments to the chef. It is the tastiest bird in the hangar. Far and away the best sim product out there. We used to have a B60 in the family and this brought back some fond memories. The accuracy of the model is absolutely stunning. It has always been a favourite of mine and it is an absolute pleasure to fly her again. Definitely the sexiest twin on the ramp.'
S.K (Duke Pilot) via e-mail