Optional Reality XP GNS WAAS 530/430 Integration

For owners of the Reality XP GNS WAAS 530 and/or GNS WAAS 430, the Duke offers full VC panel integration of these two gauges. The GNS 530 and 430 have been modeled completely in 3D, featuring 3D knobs, buttons and enhanced backlighting that works both day and night.

When installed into the Duke’s 3D panel, the Reality XP GNS gauges work identically to how they work when installed into a 2D panel (or pop-up window). The only difference is the buttons and knobs are modeled in 3D. All of the default click spots and mouse interaction methods are retained, and the Duke's autopilot can be slaved to either GNS unit.

Included in the package is a configuration utility that allows you to select between the GNS 530, the GNS 430 or both GNS 530 and GNS 430, and you can choose between several different radiostack layouts.

Please Note: The Reality XP GNS WAAS 530 and or GNS WAAS 430 must be bought separately. Neither the Reality XP GNS WAAS 530, nor the Reality XP GNS WAAS 430 are included as part of the RealAir Duke B60 package.