Beech Duke B60 Version 1.5

This update adds a number of new features to the Duke, resolves a few minor issues, and gives a slight performance improvement on most systems. The major changes are as follows:

• Optimised LOD (Level Of Detail) models.
• Optional medium and low polygon exterior models.
• Optional mip-mapped textures.
• Animated rain-drops on the windscreen glass.
• Improved GPS HSI integration (using Reality-XP or default GPS).
• HSI Auto or Manual DTK.
• Improved ‘Cold and Dark’ function.
• Improved engine starting.
• More realistic generator gauges.

This update also includes all of the older SP1 updates. For this reason the Duke SP1 Update is no longer available.

If you downloaded the Duke installer on or after the 6th of January 2010 then you do not need to download this update. All installers downloaded after that date include the V1.5 update files.

For more detailed information please visit our Duke V1.5 update page.

Beech Duke B60 Service Pack 1

This update has been superceded by the Version 1.5 update listed above. The V1.5 update includes all of the SP1 updates as well as numerous additional updates and improvements.

This update adds a number of new features to the Duke and resolves a few minor issues. The major changes are as follows:

• Mousewheel support added.
• Optional left-click/right-click mouse interaction.
• Improved VC camera system.
• Optional Reality XP GNS WAAS 530/430 VC panel integration.
• Improved support for advanced hardware input devices.
• More user selectable options in the Config Panel.

Beechcraft Duke B60 Installer - Retrieve lost file

This is the installer for our Beechcraft Duke B60 for FSX. You can only download this file if you have previously purchased this product. This installer will only run successfully on a computer with an internet connection. This package is not FS2004 compatible.

Duke B60 Flying Guide

A comprehensive guide explaining how to get the most out of the RealAir Duke B60 in FSX. This document includes information on the Duke's various features, how to fly the Duke, details on how to setup FSX to get the most from the Duke, plus much more.

This guide is part of the Beechcraft Duke B60 package, and is included here for those who want to know more about the Duke prior to purchase.